The Concordia Booster Club operates the concession stand for the home sporting events. Not only is this a way to raise money for supporting extra-curricular activities at Concordia Jr./Sr. High School, but it also provides a valuable service for fans. When a group staffs the concession stand, 40% of the revenue goes directly to the group, so the concession stand is great way to raise funds for a group. 

    An on-line program called "Sign Up Genius" is used to allow teams/groups and clubs to sign up to run a concession stand. If you are interested in signing up please email For each game, 4-6 people are required to staff the concession stand.  The signup sheet for a season (Fall, Winter and Spring) is made available about 1 month before the season starts. We ask that each group limit themselves to at most 2 events per season so that everyone has an opportunity to be involved. Additional opportunities for a group may be available as the season progresses. While all Booster Club proceeds from the concession stand are used towards the mission of the Booster Club, working the concession stand is open to any group that benefits the Concordia Jr./Sr. High School community, subject to approval by the Booster Club, not just extracurricular groups. 

    The concession stand coordinators and other volunteers take care of getting the food and supplies. Since most of Concordia's home games are held at other facilities or on the football field, it is necessary to transport all of the food and supplies for each event. A group that signs up for a concession stand is expected to provide help in transporting food and supplies to and from the event. Setup and cleanup are a key part of making the concession stand successful. At the conclusion of the event, the concession stand volunteers help with loading the vehicle, and if it is necessary to take the supplies back to school, the volunteers should offer to help with that too.

    Working in the concession stand consists of setup, making popcorn, heating up hot dogs, serving the food, handling money, and cleanup. People handling money must be able to make change. An adult must be in the concession stand at all times. 

    If a group is working the concession stand, a representative of the group counts the money along with the coordinators at the end of the event.  To receive the group share of the proceeds, the group must present receipts for expenses to the Booster Club treasurer, who will then reimburse the group.  

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