The Booster Club has been blessed to offer scholarships to deserving students since 2004. As the student body has grown, so has the number of scholarships. As of 2016 the Booster Club is awarding 3 scholarships of $500 each. Interested students are required to write a paper telling how participating in extra-curricular activities has prepared them for life after high school. We look forward to continuing the scholarship program in the future. The following students have been awarded a Booster Club Scholarship

2016 Booster Club Scholarship Winners!
Emma Korte, Emily Bro and Shelby Betterton

Jackson Grasz,Trevor Grimm, Clay
         Hemphill, Sarah Holmes, Bryan Moore, Tyler
         Sanchez,  Marc Sisson

2014- Ashley Meinders, Ben Fletcher, Connor   
          Raabe, Jared Sorenson, Ian Gesell and   
          Tyler Raabe


2012: Arianne Gesell, Elizabeth Holmes,
         Nate Grasz, Josh Minders
2011: Alyssa Sterling, Michael Ersland,
         Kyler Goodwin, Evan Gensler

2010: Caylen Grasz, Audrey Holmes, Derek
2009: Andrew Helling, Rachel Lusvardi

2008: Scott Muldoon, Jessica Koester

2007: Denise Barmore

2006: Emerson Cole

2005: Justina Polinko